The SaaS API can be used by SaaS partners of to manage their customer accounts, integration templates and active integrations (blends) inside customer accounts.

SaaS partners can also manage their customer accounts, integration templates and active customer integrations manually (non-programmatically) through the SaaS Admin backend. supports various embedding scenario's to embed integrations in your own SaaS UI. The usage of the SaaS API is optional and typically used in combination with a "deep embedding" scenario.

Base URL


Use the app id and API key from your SaaS Admin account, and add them as headers:

X-App-Id: 12345
X-Api-Key: xxxxx


Paging can be done by using the links in the response, or by adding a page parameter in the querystring. The first page is 1.

Example response with links and meta:

    "data": [
    "links": {
        "first": "",
        "last": "",
        "prev": "",
        "next": ""
    "meta": {
        "current_page": 2,
        "from": 101,
        "last_page": 10,
        "path": "",
        "per_page": 100,
        "to": 200,
        "total": 1050

Rate limits

The total amount of API calls to the API's is limited to maximum 300 calls per minute per account. This includes API's to the SaaS API, executing Triggered Blends via their API URL etc. allows the creation of maximum 200 queued jobs (Blend executions), regardless on how they were created, e.g. via a Triggered Blend URL or via the SaaS API.

If the rate limit is exceeded, you will receive a 429 response code (Too many requests). The response headers will include:

  • x-ratelimit-limit: total allowed number of API calls (per minute)
  • x-ratelimit-remaining: number of API calls remaining before rate limit is hit